Gregory Peck in To Build a Boutique Hotel

Location: So, Gregory Peck, is that your real name?

Mr. Peck: It is indeed my real name. My parents made a horrible assumption, which was that, when I got older, people would not remember or recognize the name.

Any relation to the movie star?

No relation.

Now, you’ve had the privilege of working for some of the hotel world’s heavy hitters. Before starting on your own, you worked with André Balazs.

I did. I worked with André for a couple of years, doing acquisitions, mainly focused on the two properties in Miami, the Raleigh and the Standard Miami.

And you also worked for Morgans Hotel Group?

Actually, at the time, I worked for North Star, which bankrolled them. So I worked with Ian Schrager and with a number of people in the company. At the time, there was a lot of growth. We developed the Hudson Hotel, two hotels in London and one in San Francisco.

Whom do you most style yourself after? Are you more of an Ian guy? Or an André guy?

Prefacing this by saying that they’re both extremely talented and successful and I have tremendous respect for both of them, I’m probably more like Ian. I think he’s a fantastic businessman. I ultimately view myself as being a businessman. He understands popular culture. He understands what people want. And I’ve heard him say that he feels lucky that things he personally likes happen to also be the things that mainstream culture likes. That’s kind of the way I view my approach, which is ultimately I try to think of things from a business perspective, but it’s also what I like and they happen to overlap.

Ian has done a fantastic job of sort of capturing what mass culture is seeking at the time. He’s a tremendous genius and I think he’s done a great job with the Gramercy Park Hotel. I think what André has done very well is understand certainly Hollywood and downtown New York City. He’s absolutely nailed two of the most quintessential hotels in each of those locations.

What convinced you to go out on your own?

Well, I had a property that I acquired in California called the Crescent. It just sort of fell into my lap. It was a property that was being sold by an investment bank here in New York in a large portfolio of five properties, or rather six. Five of them were in New York and one was in Los Angeles. I was able to talk them into selling the one in Los Angeles separately. And I was able to convince them that I could [buy] it myself, which at the time was a bit of a stretch. I definitely had to pull in a group of friends and family and we eventually pulled it off.

What convinced you the time was right to come back to New York?

In my business, you’re always trying to find the right opportunity in New York City, and it’s not an easy place to find good opportunities. … There’s a lot more luck, and the stars have to align. When we found the opportunity here in Cooper Square, it made sense, the timing was right. We’re very excited about it.

Your partner is Matt Moss.

We’ve known each other since high school. His primary experience was as a retail developer. He had developed a retail mall in Riverhead, Long Island, which had been completed and sold. So he was looking for his next opportunity. This was something that we found. It made a lot of sense to us.

Gregory Peck in To Build a Boutique Hotel