Hello, neighbor

Vilified by the local press, which in New York includes television, Governor Eliot Spitzer has a 48%-37% job approval rating, according to a poll released this morning by Quinnipiac University. These are Spitzer's worst numbers since taking office eleven months ago, but they are still slightly better than his neighbor, Governor Jon Corzine. A Quinnipiac poll this week had Corzine's approvals at 44%-43%.

As a point of comparison, Corzine’s Quinnipiac numbers after his first eleven months in office (December 2006) was 49%-32% — just a little better than Spitzer.

New York voters give their United States Senators higher marks than New Jerseyans give Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez. Hillary Clinton enjoys a 64%-29% approval rating, and Charles Schumer has an approval rating of 59%-22%. Lautenberg is at 42%-33%, and Menendez is split at 34%-34%.

All six politicians are Democrats.

As a point of comparison, Republicans have won U.S. Senate races in New York four times since New Jersey last sent a Republican to the U.S. Senate. And Republicans have won two races for Governor of New York since the last time any Republican has carried New Jersey.

Hello, neighbor