Hillary Needs Students, Rudy Needs Hillary

Hillary Clinton says the race will be “all over by February 5” at a donor event closed to reporters. [L.A. Times]

Her campaign is now trying to get students who grew up outside of Iowa, but go to college in the state, to caucus for them—just as it criticized the Obama campaign for doing. [N.Y. Post]

Office building workers (of SEIU 32BJ) have authorized a strike that could affect 2,000 buildings. [Gothamist]

State Senator Robach says he won’t vote for his own pay raise, but isn’t sure how to answer when asked if he’d take the money. (fifth item) [Democrat & Chronicle]

Sewell Chan questions the political feasibility of tolls on the East River bridges, noting the debate has been around for decades. [City Room]

City Council candidate Brad Lander talks about development in Brooklyn. [Brownstoner]

Ben Casselman muses about a Michael Bloomberg presidential bid. [W.S.J.]

“You know the type: He doesn’t like her, he picks on her, but in the end—he needs her,” write Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin of Rudy’s relationship to Hillary. [Politico]

And two of the nine Congress members who voted against a resolution confirming the importance of Christmas were from New York. [Daily Intelligencer]

Hillary Needs Students, Rudy Needs Hillary