In the Observer: Obama, Giuliani, Doctoroff

Barack Obama supporters say they’re bracing for attacks from Hillary Clinton, reports Jason Horowitz. Citing a remark from Clinton’s top aide Howard Wolfson, Obama supporter Arthur Davis said, “That is exactly the sort of innuendo-based campaign that the Republicans have run against the Clintons and that they probably plan to run against Senator Obama.”

Niall Stanage reports that at a fund-raiser in Los Angeles recently, Obama poked fun at Clinton after her campaign released a paper he wrote in kindergarten. “There is some scandalous stuff in there," he said. "I experimented with coloring outside the lines when I was in kindergarten. Pulled on a girl’s ponytail once—and liked it.”

Horowitz also looks at the Manhattan Institute’s influence on Rudy Giuliani. Fred Siegel, who helped broker the marriage between Giuliani and the insitute in the first place, said, “Giuliani and Clinton come from the idea that liberalism is failing.”

Matt Schuerman interviews Dan Doctoroff about his development projects.

Joe Conason says that Mike Huckabee’s religion affected his tenure pretty negatively as governor of Arkansas.

And John Koblin looks at how a semi-exclusive Journal article about Estee Lauder went wrong.

In the Observer: Obama, Giuliani, Doctoroff