In This Week’s Paper

What’s new in this week’s paper:

Jason Horowitz catalogs his trip to Iowa, including a vicious attack by a crazed turkey (or pheasant)

Niall Stanage concludes that Mike Huckabee, despite his lightweight foreign policy reputation, is “more clear-sighted and realistic” than his rivals

Joe Conason tells the buzzards around Hillary Clinton that they might be wasting their time

Doree Shafrir checks in with Anthony Weiner, who is now in the fifth year of his pursuit of the mayoralty

I write that John McCain can’t possibly win the G.O.P. nomination – but neither can anyone else

John Koblin has the interesting news that two of the top neoconservative backers of the Iraq War are finished at Time

Chris Lehmann is probably not among the 30 percent of Americans who approve of Congress

And the editorial page has one reaction to the Feds’ sudden interest in Al Sharpton: About time.

In This Week’s Paper