Project Runway Alum Daniel Vosovic Makes Cute Bags, Chronicles Design Process

Remember Daniel Vosovic from the second season of Project Runway? Well, the 26-year-old budding designer has been keeping very busy since his successful stint on the Bravo reality show (he won five design challenges). He may have lots of balls in the air, but when it comes to starting his own fashion label, Mr. Vosovic is nothing but slow and cautious.

“Right after the show, I really had to make a decision of what to do,” he told us, before recalling a conversation he had with himself. ‘“Do I want to start a collection or work for someone else? No, I need more experience.’ So I’ve been working on the foundation of what my future company will be. I’m working with my management team now on the launch for my signature line,” he said, adding that the line should launch in about a year and a half. In the meantime, he’s been collaborating with a new hotel chain called NYLO, designing a collection of uniforms for the staff.

“When they first approached me and they asked me to do the line, [I told them that] I don’t really do the boxy polyester. I need to make it young; I need to make it modern; and I need to make it fun. You don’t feel special wearing itchy, very dowdy things. I know there are a lot of young people who work in [the hotel] industry and I wanted to make it fun for them,” he said of the machine washable clothes, which will also be sold along with Mr. Vosovic’s line of luggage and handbags. “The bags are frickin’ phenomenal. They’re so cute!” he cooed of the carryalls, made from materials like suede and patent leather. In fact, he told us that he’s even invented his own color of suede, called Weimaraner, after the ghostly canine breed.

He hastened to add that his forthcoming signature line will have very little in common with the hotel duds. “I’m looking to do much more of a higher-end feel. There’s only so much I can do with machine washable stuff! I need to use some silk, cashmere. It’ll be more fashion-forward,” he said. “I didn’t want guys in Rhode Island”—where a NYLO will soon open—“to feel alienated by what my New York friends would wear.”

Mr. Vosovic is also working on a book, Fashion Inside Out: From Inspiration to Runway and Beyond (Watson-Guptill), which will chronicle his efforts to launch a fashion label. “I like to consider it a Project Runway explosion. A lot of people who watch Project Runway are not designers, but they’re intrigued by the process [of designing clothes]. I’ve been followed by a photographer for five months,” he said. They have snapped shots of his meetings with people like Diane von Fürstenberg, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, IMG Fashion vice president Fern Mallis and Elle’s Nina Garcia. Project Runway Alum Daniel Vosovic Makes Cute Bags, Chronicles Design Process