The Washington Post Replaces Foreign Bureaus with ‘Correspondents’

The Washington Post has announced that it’s going to replace some foreign bureaus with a roving reporter who will cover several areas and countries at once.

A recent memo reads:

These new assignments will not be based in bureaus as we have known them. Instead, the correspondent will be the bureau. We need people who can live and work for extended periods out of a suitcase, who will organize their planning, reporting and writing around nothing more than a laptop, air card and cell phone. We seek reporters who will be comfortable traveling at least two and sometimes three weeks out of every four…

While each correspondent will have a base, we envision only a light presence, with no office, no formal staff, and a strong demand for work in the field.

Openings are available immediately for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. Latin America and Africa will follow in the coming months.


The Washington Post Replaces Foreign Bureaus with ‘Correspondents’