Lewd Underground Holiday Party Bids a Final Farewell

There is to be no more upbeat music for downtown kids. Motherfucker, which billed itself as “the biggest Rock party

There is to be no more upbeat music for downtown kids. Motherfucker, which billed itself as “the biggest Rock party in New York City,” is dunzo, according to one of its four organizers, someone named Michael T. Always held on the eve of a major holiday, the party was first thrown over Memorial Day Weekend back in 2000. Its most recent—and, as it happens, final—jamboree got underway just last Halloween. Touting the slogan “Motherfucker’s Monster Mash-Night of 1,000 Monsters!,” the trick-or-treat bash was held at Rebel, a nightclub on West 30th Street in Chelsea. If the party has in fact ended, one thing’s for sure: This Motherfucker will surely be missed by more than a few reigning members of the city’s hardest partying, most creative and wildly funky social tiers.

Here’s the e-mail we just received from Michael T. announcing Motherfucker’s demise:

Dear Motherf**kers, !

I regret to announce the end to another era in clubland.
Motherfucker, is no more.
For the last year or so, relations between the 4 partners has been strained and finally it reached it’s inevitable breaking point.
We did not anticipate our exit to be so abrupt but alas, life throws curve balls at all of us when least expected.

We’d like to take a moment to thank some very special "family members".
Starting with, our Mother, Chi Chi Valenti…
Ms. Valenti green lighted our first party at Mother…and the rest, as they say is history.

Special thanks also goes to:
Misstress Formika, Thomas Onorato, Brian Damage, Whitey, Andy Shaw, Peppermint Gummybear, Dave P, DJ Jess, Ted-E & Raffaele, Siouxz from Magnum & David Casey.

Of course, we’d like to thank all of our Hosts, Door staff, guest DJ’s, go-go dancers, sponsors and all the incredible acts that graciously performed at our party…

The Cramps, NY Dolls, ESG, The Rapture, Bloc Party, !!!, The Bravery, The Faint, Morningwood, Radio 4, Theo & The Sky Scrapers &The Realistics.

We’d also like to thank all the fabulous Nightclub Icons who graced our stage; Amanda Lepore, Lady Bunny & The Incredible Willi Ninja and The House of Ninja.

Furthermore,we would not have had half of our inspiration had it not been for the parties that preceeded us and showed us the way:
Greendoor, Squeezebox, Disco 2000, Tiswas & Jackie 60!

As all of you know, we were the "roving Rock n Roll holiday party"
so a very big thanks goes out to all the clubs that hosted our event.
In particular, The Roxy, Rebel [formerly Downtime], Spirit, Eugene, and for those who remember club Heaven…
September 9th 2001…two days later NYC would be altered forever.

Last but not least, the three original clubs that housed the party, True, Meow Mix…long live Brooke Webster and of course Mother.

And finally, we’d like to thank all of you sick and crazy Motherfuckers who attended the party throughout the years, come rain, come shine, long lines outside, long lines for the bathrooms.
The dedication that so many of you showed throughout the years is paramount and unmatched when it comes to "club loyalty".
You never let us down…ever!

I don’t know if there will ever be another Motherfucker.
Perhaps… will all the stars be that aligned again…doubtful.

Lastly, I have to thank Ms. Diana Ross for releasing the fiercest song ever.
Did MF give you the sweetest "Love Hangover"?….

Memorial Day Weekend 2000-Halloween Night 2007

Thank You All So Very Much,
Michael T – Founder, Producer & DJ of Motherf*cker

RIP 2000-2007

Lewd Underground Holiday Party Bids a Final Farewell