Lonegan blasts Rutgers over pro-paid family leave organization

Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, the New Jersey Director of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity, thinks that Rutgers University is hosting a partisan organization.

At issue is a Web site for The New Jersey Time to Care Coalition that is hosted by Rutgers University’s Center for Women and Work. The site promotes the concept of paid family leave. A bill introducing a form of paid family leave, sponsored by incoming Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney, is currently in committee in the legislature, and may come up for a vote during this session.

“It’s bad enough that lawmakers are seriously considering raising taxes on working families to fund a government entitlement scheme that will harm businesses and jobs,” said Lonegan. “But to add insult to injury supporters of paid family leave are using countless tax dollars to push for more tax dollars to fund their big-government welfare scheme.”

Prof. Eileen Appelbaum, the Director of the Center for Women and Work, said that the organization promotes the concept of paid family leave, but does not endorse, advocate or lobby for any specific bills. The center, Appelbaum said, had conducted a study that found workers at large companies often had opportunities to go on paid family leave, but small companies often did not have the financial resources to provide for it.

“We know working families need it and that it’s good for business, but we don’t lobby for any kind of legislation,” said Appelbaum, who noted that there is no reference to the legislation on the organization’s Web site.

Lonegan blasts Rutgers over pro-paid family leave organization