Marc Jacobs Looks to Richard Prince for New Louis Vuitton Design Concept

It seems Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are spearheading a full-scale revival of the Amazonian supermodel frenzy from the 90’s. In this clip, Mr. Jacobs, 44, who became creative director of the French fashion label in 1997, explains the aesthetic behind Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2008 campaign.

According to Mr. Jacobs, the veritable king of cool around these and most other parts, it was his collaboration with artist Richard Prince that really formed the basis for the entire collection. “What about this idea of Louis Vuitton after dark?” Mr. Prince apparently inquired of the clothing macher, whose mental light bulb was then flipped.

The resulting collection—clothing and accessories characterized by sparkly, shiny fabrics and dabs of brilliant color—means to infuse classic elements of evening wear into its otherwise daytime duds.

Supermodels Stephanie Seymour and Naomi Campbell were asked to offer their striking faces and towering bods to the ad campaign, which was shot by renowned fashion-photog duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. “They’re the only duo that works,” Ms. Campbell recalls of the realization she had in the car ride to the shoot. “They make you give; even if you’re in pain, you just want to give because they shoot so beautiful.”

For Mr. Jacob’s part, he considers the models, who were photographed while mounting hot rods and the like, the perfect embodiments of his collection. In his view, the quintessential Vuitton woman is “glossy,” glamorous” and an “extrovert-type.

“They just have something,” Mr. Jacobs says of Ms. Campbell and Ms. Seymour, adding: “They have character and personality. They’re these larger than life characters in a way.”

Marc Jacobs Looks to Richard Prince for New Louis Vuitton Design Concept