More Iowa Endorsements, No N.J. Death Penalty

Iowa Congressman David Loebsack is endorsing Barack Obama. [Des Moines Register]

Iowa’s first lady endorses John Edwards, and says her husband won’t endorse anyone. [Political Wire]

Representative Steve King endorsed Fred Thompson. [CNN]

New Jersey officially kills the death penalty. [A.F.P.]

Tom Suozzi fills three high-level posts. [Spin Cycle]

Paul Krugman goes after Barack Obama again, says he has become the "anti-change candidate.” [N.Y.T.]

Christopher Cooper writes that John Edwards can still win Iowa. [W.S.J.]

The City Council is considering legislation that would force ferries to be more environmentally friendly. [The Sun]

Norman Oder says there’s no crime at Atlantic Yards, but the cover-up still matters. [Atlantic Yards Report]

Ben reports Clinton’s performance on all five morning shows. [Politico]

Hillary Clinton is using micro-web sites as both offense and defense. [techPresident]

More Iowa Endorsements, No N.J. Death Penalty