Murdoch Has Moved In, and Will Buy Out Dozens

Richard Perez Pena has lots of scoops in today’s Times about Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of The Journal:

  • There has been discussion of having front-page stories so short that they don’t jump to the inside of the paper.
  • The idea of removing "Wall Street" from the paper’s title to give it national appeal was raised, but "quickly dimissed".
  • Mr. Murdoch has repeatedly visited the paper’s printing plant in South Brunswick, N.J. and asked pointed questions about the printing process.
  • The paper’s second section, Marketplace, is planned to be eliminated next year and replaced with a new section.
  • Days after Mr. Murdoch bought the paper, there was an office constructed for him on the 11th floor of the World Financial Center. He’s already started working there.
  • The paper will buy out "two to three dozen" people, out of a newsstaff of 750.
  • There will be a significant hiring wave.
Murdoch Has Moved In, and Will Buy Out Dozens