National Polls: Movement in Iowa, Tied in New Hampshire

Here’s a collection of poll results released over the last week, for what they’re worth at this point:

Iowans favor Hillary Clinton decisively over John Edwards and Barack Obama, with 34 percent to Edwards’ 20 percent and Obama’s 19 percent. Among Republicans, Mike Huckabee has a small lead over Mitt Romney, with 23 percent to Romney’s 21 percent. [American Research Group]

Obama and Clinton are tied within the margin of error in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney has 28 percent to John McCain’s 25 percent. [U.N.H.]

Mike Huckabee has edged Rudy Giuliani nationally, with 24 percent to Giuliani’s 22 percent. Among Democrats, Clinton has a commanding lead with 47 percent to Obama’s 23 percent. [G.W.U.]

Romney is nearly tied with Huckabee in Michigan, where Giuliani has plummeted. [EPIC-MRA]

Among the top three Democrats, only Obama would defeat all five top G.O.P. candidates. [Zogby]

Clinton and Obama are tied in New Hampshire, while Romney’s lead there has narrowed to 34 percent over McCain’s 27 percent. [USA Today/Gallup]

Three out of 10 respondents think the nation needs a third-party candidate because the two-party system is broken. In a three-way race with Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, potential third-party candidates Ron Paul, Michael Bloomberg and Pat Buchanan all draw roughly ten percent. Each of their candidacies would boost Clinton. [W.S.J./NBC News]

National Polls: Movement in Iowa, Tied in New Hampshire