New York Political Hit List for 2007

Tonight, I’m going on New York 1 News’ reporters roundtable for, among other things, a look back at the major news stories of 2007.

I discussed this with a few readers at a bar not long ago, and there was some debate as to which was a bigger story: the ongoing problem of Alan Hevesi’s financial indiscretion or Eliot Spitzer’s eventful first year in Albany.

But there are other possibilities: Michael Bloomberg leaving the Republican Party, inciting speculation about a presidential campaign; Tom Suozzi’s affection; Spitzer’s quest for humility; Andrew Cuomo’s investigations; Al Sharpton’s continued relevance; a New York Post reporter quitting her job to cover the war in Iraq.

Personally, I’m still awed by Mathieu Eugene winning three elections in a single year.

So, what were the biggest, most memorable, must-remember stories of 2007?

Your nominees?

New York Political Hit List for 2007