Obama’s New Yorkers In Iowa

Here’s an email I got earlier this morning:


I’ve been out here in Mason City, Iowa knocking on doors and helping
get out the vote for Obama. I saw some of the postings you’ve done on New York elected officials coming out to Iowa for Senator Clinton and wanted to fill you in a bit on what’s happening in terms of New
Yorkers working in Iowa for Senator Obama.


We’re not elected officials, we’re just regular New
Yorkers who came out here because we want to see needed change in our country. We have a lot of hope that our country can do better and we believe that Barack is the candidate who can offer that hope. A lot
of my friends have asked me why I haven’t taken a holiday vacation to
a beach in the Caribbean. While a Caribbean vacation would be fun,
this is my chance to effect a needed change in this country. From
everything I have experienced out here so far I know that I made a
great choice and I am eagerly anticipating everything to come between
now and January 3.

All my best from Mason City,

Steven Newmark
Young Lawyers for Obama

UPDATE: Here’s Newmark’s Obama page, if you’re curious.

Obama’s New Yorkers In Iowa