(Partisan) Reaction to Spitzer Subpoenas

Joe Bruno’s spokeswoman Lisa Black is reveling in the news that Eliot Spitzer has been issued a new round of subpoenas by the Albany District Attorney, who is looking into how the governor’s aides used the state police to gather information about Bruno’s use of state aircraft.

"You can’t govern through deceit," Black said via email. "And it seems as though the Governor’s deceptions are far reaching – so much so that he managed to push another Democrat into the swamp. If Soares is the man of integrity he was when we watched him with Hevesi, he’ll choose not to swim in the mud alone… Bring in the grand jury."

Democratic state Senator Eric Schneiderman, meanwhile, has a slightly different take on the news: He says that Bruno will use it as a reason not to do any work next year.

"I think we need to step back and say everyone has go to start doing business and not use this as an excuse," Schneiderman told me just now. "And I think Joe is just using this as an excuse not to do business because he is desperate to keep control of the Senate and he doesn’t want the governor to be successful."

Shneiderman added, "I mean, there’s no reason for people not to be negotiating bills just because this investigation is going on. Hell, Joe’s under investigation too. You know what? No one is saying we can’t do business with Joe because he’s under investigation."

(Partisan) Reaction to Spitzer Subpoenas