Penelope Cruz Frenches Her Sister in New Music Video

Siblings who share true, unfettered love and affection with one another are rare—let alone kin who kiss with tongue. Not so in Celebrityville, where a little harmless necking among family members is apparently a-okay. Indeed, a new music video features Penélope Cruz and her sister, Monica, making out. And real sexy like, too.

What’s perhaps even stranger than watching the bespectacled Volver star lustily nibble on her sister’s lower lip is the fact that her brother, Eduardo Cruz, came up with the concept. Mr. Cruz, a Miami-based musician, apparently asked his sisters to star in the video to garner some much-needed publicity. The sonic short’s concept: fittingly bizarre. Soeurs Cruz play sexy translators, who, for whatever reason, have been asked to translate a lesbian porn film. During the viewing, one thing leads to another and the two lovely ladies start getting hot and heavy. [The Sun via HuffPo] Penelope Cruz Frenches Her Sister in New Music Video