Pop Burger Opens Early

The new Pop Burget at 14 East 58th Street, across the street from F.A.O. Schwartz, opened this morning about 11, according to Eater, three days ahead of schedule.

The Observer‘s Chris Shott sat down with Pop Burger owner Roy Liebenthal last month to talk about the new store, particularly how it would differ from the original Pop Burger in the Meatpacking District.

Tell us about what we’ll see inside. How will this be different from the original Pop Burger in the meatpacking district?

The takeout counter [on the first floor] is fully complete. It’s its own entity. It has a separate entrance. Then the bar and restaurant [upper floors] has its own entrance.

Why the separate entrances?

For uptown, it lays out better for the crowd that will come there. I think people downtown at first were a little like, ‘What is this place?’ When you’re paying the kind of rent we’re going to be paying uptown, we don’t have much time for people to figure it out.


Pop Burger Opens Early