Presidential primary filing deadline today

Monday, December 10th is the state Division of Elections' deadline for petition signatures required to get the names of presidential candidates on the New Jersey primary ballot on Feb. 5th.

Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich may be a non-entity in the official polls in New Jersey, but his supporters made certain their candidate was the first Democrat assured of getting on the ballot. According to the Division of Elections, Kucinich, and Republican candidates Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain all also have the requisite signatures to be on the primary ballot, as of Dec. 7th.

Bill Brown of Camden County, a retired radar systems engineer, helped obtain more than the state's required 1,000 signatures of registered voters for Kucinich, which he submitted in advance of tomorrow's deadline.

Democrats met another deadline today, as they submitted names to the Democratic State Committee of delegates to the National Party Convention in Denver next year.

The Hillary Clinton campaign on Friday rolled out its list of people who have submitted their names to serve as primary delegates for Clinton.

The following people are signed up in support of the New York senator's presidential candidacy:

Damon G. Tyner, Lisa Cooper, Judy M Ward, Richard Tolson, John Burzichelli, Albert B Kelly, Cheryle A Randolph-Sharpe, Joyce P Powell, Curtis Jenkins, Virginia O Betteridge, Barbara A Pine, Kevin G Halpern, Gundelina DeVera, Ricardo V. Taylor, Elrich "Pete" Green, Sherryl Gordon, Amy Vasquez, Sidney J. Camp, Jorge Esmart, David Smith, Jr., Nilda Raquel Frulio, Marta D. Harrison, Sarah Hospoder-Pallone, Jack R. Bishop, Stephen Schueler, Margaret M. Moran, Elaine M. Flynn, Kiran R. Desai;

Gerard D Scarano, Barbara McMorrow, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Brian M. Hughes, Raymond Pocino, Christiana Foglio-Palmer, Prakash A Shah, Marguerite Schaffer, Janice L. Kovach, Chan K Leung, Barbara Buono, Upendra J. Chivukula, Brian Wahler, Barbara C. Siperstein, Joseph Vas, Joanne Rajoppi, Rosa Diaz, Stephen Alterman, David Morales, Thomas Barrett, Anna Sutton, Erika J Vargas-Garrison, Phil Sellinger, Toni Zimmer, Christina DeFazio, Reginald T. Jackson, Patricia Sebold;

Stacey Jennings, Phil Alagia, M. Teresa Ruiz, Anibal Ramos, Jr., Charles N. Hall, Jr., Blonnie R. Watson, Silverio Vega, Caridad Rodriguez, Catherine Roman, Tilo E Rivas, Joan M. Quigley, Vincent Prieto, William A. Gaughan, Ritzy Morales, Nia H. Gill, Robert Bowser, Jose Torres, Jeanne Otersen, Menachem Genack, Cid Wilson, Esther Suarez, Monica Y. Cho, Jason Kim, Dennis McNerney, Christie Y. Huh, Germaine Ortiz and Michael W. Kempner.

More names of delegates supporting other candidates will follow. The Republican deadline for delegates for the national convention is not until early April, according Republican State Committee spokesman Todd Riffle. Presidential primary filing deadline today