Quinn To Campaign for Clinton in New Hampshire

Christine Quinn is hitting the presidential campaign trail (like some other New York elected officials) with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire this weekend.

“I would assume it would involve a lot of door to door campaigning,” Quinn said of her expected duties in an interview late Friday. “I think it’s very compelling when people hear through somebody who knows the candidate up close and personal.”

I asked Quinn, the city’s first openly gay speaker of the City Council, if there she thought there were any advantage or disadvantage to representing New York’s diversity and chutzpah in the more conservative Granite State.

“Well, I take that as a compliment, both the diversity and the chutzpah,” she said. “I think having somebody like myself, somebody who worked so closely with Senator Clinton, go up to New Hampshire and tell people just how effective she is. That if you leave a message, she calls you right back. If you need her help, she puts her office right on it.”

She went on, “I think that’s the message. And who I am–I’m there as a New Yorker, there to tell them about a New Yorker who I’ve worked side by side with,” she said.

“And I think people in New Hampshire are excited about talking to New Yorkers.” Quinn To Campaign for Clinton in New Hampshire