Race and Carrion’s Decision

After Adolfo Carrion announced he’s running for comptroller this morning, I asked him what role race and ethnic politics played in his decision to jump into a comptroller’s race that’s already crowded, but doesn’t have many black or Hispanic candidates.

"None," he said. “We’re beyond that. There was a time, I think, when racial and ethnic politics really ruled the day. But if you look at our city’s ability to go beyond that, and go beyond party, I think that’s the indication that we’re willing to go beyond the conventions. And it’s about retail. So, it didn’t factor in.”

Bronx Democratic County Leader Jose Rivera had a different take, saying that Carrion’s decision to run for comptroller, and not mayor, was affected by the fact that there was already a minority candidate for the city’s top office.

"Billy Thompson is running for mayor," said Rivera, an ally of Thompson. "There’s no secret about that. Will [Carrion] want to be part of an effort to possibly create a division — a rift? I don’t think so. So I think the best thing that that Adolfo can do, he has done. He has declared for comptroller. Not a bad position in the City of New York.”

When asked if there was a formal understanding between Thompson and Carrion supporters, Rivera asked, “Did I sit down and make an agreement, cut a deal? No.”

He added, “Billy Thompson will be one of the happiest guys when he hears this news.”

Race and Carrion’s Decision