Saxton takes Myers under his wing

Retiring Rep. Jim Saxton won’t make a formal endorsement for the Republican nomination for his successor, but he spent yesterday in Washington with Medford Deputy Mayor Christopher Meyers, a Lockheed Martin executive and the presumptive favorite to be the Burlington County candidate in the race to succeed him.

Saxton met with Myers and took him to offices of the Republican National Congressional Committee yesterday to introduce him around, said Jeff Sagnip, who served as Saxton’s campaign manager in 2006. Saxton, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, and Myers, a defense contractor who works for the largest employer in South Jersey, have been close friends for years.

The 12-term Congressman has told that he has an “open door policy” to meet and advise Republican candidates for his seat, and has expressed hope that the GOP organizations in the 3rd district would coalesce behind one candidate.

But Saxton thinks that Myers’s relatively young age and military background make him an ideal candidate to take on Democratic state Sen. John Adler in 2008. Myers, who is 42, is the same age Saxton was when he began his first term.

“It does speak for itself, I think,” said Sagnip of Saxton’s meeting with Myers. “His credentials were impressive — the fact that he’s a veteran and virtually heads one of the largest companies and plants in all of New Jersey”

Saxton takes Myers under his wing