Schumer in Iraq, the Anti-Bloomberg ’08 Crowd

Chuck Schumer is spending New Year’s Eve in Iraq with troops. [Spin Cycle]

Joe Klein thinks there’s no particular place or need for Michael Bloomberg or any other third-party candidate in this election. [Swampland]

Matthew Yglesias more or less agrees, writing, "You could imagine a third party campaign based on Ron Paul’s brand of libertarian nationalism, but all Boren, Bloomberg, et. al. have are platitudes" [Matthew Yglesias]

John “McCain has more lobbyists raising funds for his presidential bid than do any of his rivals.” [Washington Post]

Mitt Romney goes positive in his “closing argument” ad. [YouTube]

McCain responds to Romney’s previous attacks in “Respect.” [YouTube]

Mark Halperin reports John Edwards has bought T.V. time in Iowa for the caucus eve. [The Page]

Kirsten Gillibrand delivered the national Democratic radio address this weekend. [The Albany Project]

And Mike Huckabee will make a caucus eve appearance on Jay Leno. [The Hollywood Reporter

Schumer in Iraq, the Anti-Bloomberg ’08 Crowd