Silliness, Conspiracy Theories

Clinton Pollster Penn said this morning that her campaign’s “Kindergarten” attack on Obama was just “silly.” [Election Central]

An Obama spokesman responded to Hillary Clinton’s accusations of push polling by calling it “the latest of attacks in a silly season.” [Ben Smith]

Rudy Giuliani’s Middle East adviser has a conspiracy theory about the N.I.E. intelligence report on Iran. [TPM]

Michael Bloomberg announces the launch of a pilot public emergency communication system. [Mayor’s Office]

The Bloomberg Administration’s 125th Street rezoning project goes to the community board tomorrow. [Curbed]

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Malcom Smith’s theme of the week is “Favor Matters.” [Capitol Confidential]

Members of the media traveling with the Clinton campaign had an eerie encounter with the ghost of Buddy Holly. [Spin Cycle]

And at least one “Draft Al Gore” guy is still hanging onto petitions in case the Nobel Peace Prize-winner has a change of heart. [City Room]

Silliness, Conspiracy Theories