Spitzer Pays for Flight, Parties With Cuomo

Eliot Spitzer will pay for part of the flight that carried him to both officially events and a fund-raiser in western New York. [Albany Project]

He also attended Andrew Cuomo’s 50th birthday party last night. [Daily Politics]

Giuliani says of his contributions to Planned Parenthood: “I can’t remember exactly the reasons for them, but Planned Parenthood, I also always thought, is an organization that made information available about adoption.” [Jonathan Martin]

Aaron Naparstek examines the report on traffic from the Independent Budget Office. [Streetsblog

Mike Allen and Ben report on a more liberal Obama from a 1996 questionaire. [Politico]

Barack Obama is distributing anti-John Edwards mailings. [ABC  News]

Anne Evans Estabrook’s New Jersey Senate campaign gets some support. [PolitickerNJ]

Madonna talks more about her support for Hillary Clinton. [Daily Intelligencer]

Lots of Iowa campaign events are cancelled due to weather. [Des Moines Register]

And Representative Peter King introduces a bill to confirm the importance of Christmas. [The Crypt]

Spitzer Pays for Flight, Parties With Cuomo