The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

Want a dose of holiday cheer but don’t feel like body-checking dawdling tourists in Midtown. Visit Dyker Heights for some Christmas lights….that’s in Brooklyn by the way. [The Brooklyn Paper]

Crime rates are down, but Brooklyn residents report more robberies. They must not have gotten the memo. [NY Times]

A ferry ride and a language barrier. Did Manhattanites need another reason not to visit Staten Island? [NY Times]

Explore the mansion land of the ‘FifthAvenoodles,’ aka the Upper East Side. [NY Times]

Bahumbug! Four tips (no pun intended) for those not in the spirit of giving. [The Street]

A shipping container that expands into a prefab house on the top floor of the Time Warner Center: Disaster relief or the perfect holiday gift? [Gridskipper]

Co-op and condo dwellers battling the New York phenomenon of holiday tip anxiety. [Curbed]

Is its proximity to a Basquiat mural enough to give 151 Wooster any street cred? [Gawker]

The Afternoon Wrap: Friday