The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

Subprime mortgage crisis blights Christmas in the Bronx. [NY Times]

More holiday tipping advice to make you yearn for a job in the service sector. [NY Times]

The M.T.A. will operate vintage subways and buses on select routes through December because nothing says fun like more mass transit. [NY Times]

Maybe Lydia Hearst (above) wouldn’t mind the fare hike as much if she got to ride in a limited edition, vintage subway car. [Gawker]

Good news! The quality of life for that pidgeon lurking on the windowsill of your $3,000-a-month studio has improved a lot in the past three decades. [amNew York]

‘Tis the season of mistletoe and European-style double cheek kisses so here’s a guide to the best shaves in the city. [Grid Skipper]

Lamenting the cult landmarks that were lost in 2007. [Lost New York]

The Afternoon Wrap: Monday