The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

Renters being kicked to the curb for short-term "hotel guests" at 200 residential buildings in New York. [Village Voice]

Thursday’s categories in the fourth annual Curbed real estate awards include, "The Maybe This Wasn’t such a Good Idea Award" and the "Not Afraid of Courting Contraversy Award". [Curbed]

Professor held overnight in Brooklyn Central Booking for ignoring off-leash pet summons recounts her "nightmare" in jail. [Gowanus Lounge]

Veselka opens a new borscht outpost in the East Village. [Gawker]

For Brooklyn’s criminals, "copper is the new gold". [The Brooklyn Paper]

Should the city cap the number of new banks in New York? [Racked]

Elderly residents of Staten Island get a new breed of psychiatric care from certified canine therapists. [NY Times]

The 10 best sledding spots in New York. [Gridskipper]

More tiger hysteria in New York. [NYDN]

Coffee-starved New Yorkers duped by fake Starbucks. [East Village Idiot]

The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday