The Benjamins Head to South Carolina for Obama

Assemblyman Michael Benjamin and his wife are planning a trip to South Carolina next month to campaign for Barack Obama.

Benjamin told me he’ll try speaking with undecided voters, “particularly African Americans who are still on the fence as to who they will support. They play a major role in the primary. And if they go for him, it’ll be an overwhelming victory.”

It will be the second time Benjamin has worked on a presidential campaign. (The first time, he supported Bill Clinton’s 1992 bid in New York.)

Benjamin’s wife, D. Kennedy Williams-Benjamin, who wrote the spiritual book “Processing Life’s Moments: Therapy for the Soul: God, I Hear You,” is originally from the Palmetto State.

She told me, “The South Carolinians, when they hear our decision about supporting Obama, coming from my spiritual background, and my book of course, and Michael being an elected official in Hillary’s state, I have a feeling that we can contribute a lot.”

The Benjamins Head to South Carolina for Obama