The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

A Japanese New Yorker makes some good investments. [NY Times]

A couple’s hunt for a Manhattan rental leads to bed bugs and tension in the relationship. [NY Times]

Potential buyers rent and wait for the market to change. [NY Times]

Brooklynites are drawn to Flatbush. [NY Times]

The history of the Vermeer Studios. [NY Times]

Developers search for solutions to noise issues. [NY Times]

Plaza owners rethink and resell. [NY Times]

Another member of old New York dies, leaving a town house behind. [NY Times]

Dan Aykroyd departs from the Upper East Side. [NY Times]

Harlem’s Cotton Club fights Columbia’s expansion. [NY Post]

Trump Jr. is reinstated at condo board. [NY Post]

Another hotel for Brooklyn. [NY Post]

Lower East Side synagogue restored. [NYDN]

New York could lose artists. [NY Sun]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday