The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

A partner in Trump SoHo rose from a tangled past. [NY Times]

New York region is now the "bash and build" capital of the U.S. Teardowns make terrible neighbors until it is time to sell. [NY Times]

Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, is renting the $4.3 million Mercer Street apartment he bought last month for $20,000. [NY Times]

Manhattan property prices remain stable in November: "Sellers are not really coming down…buyers buy because there is no choice." [NY Times]

Air rights swapped for schools. [NY Times]

Floral Park, Queens: A town center at city’s edge. [NY Times]

The Hall of Records of 1907: Taking credit where little is due. [NY Times]

Same deli, different location: Famed Second Avenue Deli reopens today. [NY Post]

Cabbies clash with passengers paying with plastic. [NY Post]

The Plaza Hotel in final stages of $350 million renovation, says spokesperson. [NY Post]

Habitat for Humanity gives nine Brooklyn families the keys to new eco-friendly homes. [NYDN]

Did the city really need to spend $1 million on an aquarium for the Staten Island ferry terminal, residents ask. [NYDN]

Architect injured by debris near Ground Zero undergoes spinal surgery, but still may not walk again. [NYDN]

Bloated, wasteful bureaucracy hobbles MTA. [NYDN]

City may force New York’s ferries to adopt lower emissions standards. [NY Sun]

Mayor Bloomberg may push through congestion pricing by the spring. [NY Sun]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday