The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The Pierre closes Monday for a year of renovations. [NY Times]

Monday marks the 100-year anniversary of the first New Year’s ball. [NY Times]

City homeowners cash in on widening gap between prices in New York and the suburbs. [NY Times]

The New York Times rides the F train in the first installment of its daily series on commuter trains in the city. [NY Times]

Rupert Murdoch builds his dreamhouse at 834 Fifth Avenue. [NY Times]

Morris Park: Little Italy in the Bronx. [NY Times]

High profille condo coversion project in Greenwich takes a nosedive. [NY Times]

"Open to the Elements": Japanese architect’s new West Chelsea condo. [NY Times]

Brooklyn Bridge Park to be built (again). [NY Post]

Upper East Side business owners say they are being "railroaded" by construction of 2nd Avenue Subway. [NY Post]

Mayor Bloomberg sticks taxpayers with tab for new golf course in the Bronx. [NY Post]

Siblings living above sex clinic flee apartment, sue landlord. [NY Post]

Daughter of the late Linda Stein may sue Prudential Douglas Elliman. [NY Post]

Giants fans injured in escalator mishap at crowded stadium. [NY Post]

Bed bug epidemic targets neighborhoods across the city, even the Upper East Side. [NYDN]

Lawsuit alleges Merril Lynch hid billions of dollars in subprime losses. [NYDN] The (Big) Round-Up: Monday