The Day in Gossip: Donna Karan’s ‘Boy Toy’; Howard Stern’s Plague!

Charlene Marshall, wife of Brooke Astor’s son Anthony, went to a book reading for a new Astor biography and made a scene. [Page Six]

Steve Martin called up the owner of the Cutting Room and asked if he could play the banjo there later that night; he could and he did. [Page Six]

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin appeared to be very much in-love while dining recently at BLT Fish in Union Square. [Gatecrasher]

Howard Stern says that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have “put a plague” on his Upper West Side block. [Page Six]

Hilary Rhoda’s Chihuahua was rushed to the emergency room last night after eating a packet of poison; Ms. Rhoda was still able to co-host a party at the Neue Galerie. [Page Six]

Madonna may have kicked other students out of a yoga class at the Reebok Sports Club so she could have the room to herself. [Page Six]

Russian heiress Anna Anisimova recently had breast implants, but she posed for Tatler in a modest one-piece bathing suit. [Page Six]

Pictures of Ethan Hawke and his longtime lover after the jump. [Gatecrasher]

President Bush’s cousin, George Herbert Walker, is getting married to Nancy Dorn. [Page Six]

Donna Karan may have a new “boy toy.” [Page Six]

D.A. Robert Morgenthau is thinking about retiring soon. [Page Six]

Jackass Steve-O showed up to the taping of Spike TV’s Video Game Awards too drunk to go on camera. [Page Six] The Day in Gossip: Donna Karan’s ‘Boy Toy’; Howard Stern’s Plague!