The Day in Gossip: PETA Trashes Olsen Twins; Anna Wintour’s Enhanced Pics!

PETA takes aim at the fur-wearing Olsen twins, calling them “Hairy Kate” and “Trashley.” [Page Six]

Lance Armstrong played celebrity musical chairs at Art Basel last weekend. [Gatecrasher]

A photo agency may or may not be floating around pics of a “very enhanced-looking” Anna Wintour. [Page Six]

J.Lo and Marc Antony are definitely expecting a boy and girl twins, and they will live a luxurious lifestyle. [Rush&Malloy]

Chris Noth gets recognized as Mr. Big from SATC all the time. [Gatecrasher]

When Jessica Simpson heard that her close friend Eva Longoria was hanging out with Ms. Simpson’s ex, John Mayer, she flipped. [Page Six]

Like Eloise at the Plaza, now there’s Chocolate at the Four Seasons, about a Chihuahua who lives at the hotel with producer/casting director Bonnie Timmermann. [Page Six]

Paris Hilton saved a little person on Saturday night at Art Basel; she stayed with him until he was safely in the ambulance. [Gatecrasher]

Well-known defense attorney Mickey Sherman is in very serious trouble tax-wise. [Page Six]

Music producer Scott Storch might be running out of cash, possibly because he likes to buy diamonds for people like Lindsay Lohan. [Page Six]

Democratic MSNBC pundit Lawrence O’Donnell, who also has a role on HBO’s Big Love, attacked the Mormon Church on the McLaughlin Group. [Page Six]

All $500 tickets for Jean-Gearges Vongerichten’s tribute dinner next year at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival have sold out. [Page Six]

Democratic political strategist Bob Shrum has come out of retirement to teach at NYU, assist British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and garner criticism. [Page Six]

Musician Steven Tyler’s girlfriend got into a fight with another woman at a Florida nightclub. [Page Six]

The Day in Gossip: PETA Trashes Olsen Twins; Anna Wintour’s Enhanced Pics!