The Delegates: Landis, Johnson, Owens, Moskowitz, Weprin, Schack, Etc.

So, the New York presidential delegate lists show, unsurprisingly, that many of Hillary Clinton’s are elected officials, while most of Barack Obama’s and John Edwards’ delegates are politically active non-officials.

Some names that drew my attention:

For Edwards:

Marc Landis, who ran in a special election for the assembly seat on Manhattan’s west side.

Roy Moskowitz, who managed Steven Harrison’s congressional campaign without getting any help from the D.C.C.C.

For Obama:

Chris Owens, who unsuccessfully ran for his father’s congressional seat in Brooklyn. (alternate)

Corey Johnson, who worked on campaigns for Mark Green, Craig Johnson and Andrea Stewart Cousins.

For Clinton:

Bill de Blasio, who managed Hillary Clinton’s first senate campaign, but has close ties to John Edwards.

Dilia Schack, a Brooklyn Democratic activist who claimed Vito Lopez had an aide track her down at an airport to sign a petition during the 2006 state Democratic convention.

Marty Mack, a top aide to Eliot Spitzer.

Melinda Katz, a City Council member and candidate for comptroller.

City Councilman David Weprin, also and running for comptroller. (alternate)

David Mejias, a county legislator in Nassau who might run for the state senate. (alternate)


The Delegates: Landis, Johnson, Owens, Moskowitz, Weprin, Schack, Etc.