The Morning Read: Friday, December 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are dead even in New Hampshire in a new Gallup poll; Mitt Romney leads McCain, 34-27.

Now 74 and recovering from a heart transplant, Charlie Wilson, the boozy Texas Congressman and anti-Communist, sounds off about “Charlie Wilson’s War,” which opens today.

And the movie gets a good review here.

A full report from outside Rudy Giuliani’s East Side condo last night.

Bill Richardson is ready for his New York Times close-up

…but if he keeps this up, he can forget about being Hillary’s Vice-President.

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson pegs the ratio of Bill Clinton’s mentions of himself to his mentions of his wife at 9:1.

Mitt Romney defended John McCain’s immigration plan against charges of “amnesty” two years ago. Now Romney has been endorsed by Tom Tancredo. Go figure.

The Des Moines Register details the depressed and/or ambivalent condition of the state’s Republican voters.

The latest John McCain comeback story.

The Boston Herald, a conservative tabloid that doesn’t reach into New Hampshire quite the way the Boston Globe does, throws its support behind John McCain.

Fred Kaplan of Slate does a very good job explaining why the Democrats haven’t been able to do much in Congress.

And Bill and Hillary’s neighbor has been charged with murder.

The Morning Read: Friday, December 21, 2007