The Morning Read: Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael Powell takes a lengthy look at Giuliani’s days as a prosecutor and writes, “Like a medieval crusader, he rarely flinched at hard tactics in pursuit of exalted goals.”

Republican candidates toned down their immigration rhetoric at the bilingual Univision debate last night.

The New Yorker‘s Giuliani quiz asks question like, “Who is Justin Volpe?”

Albert Hunt sees problems for Hillary Clinton.

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-illegal-gun coalition has some questions for the presidential candidates.

Kicking off his Asia tour in China, Bloomberg argued for greater freedom to access information.

Since his Oprah events were such a hit, might Obama also accept the help of actor Will Smith?

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom campaigns for Clinton, which Repubilcans seem happy about.

Warren Buffet will also headline a Clinton fund-raiser.

An anonymous member of the state commission investigating Eliot Spitzer airs some frustration to Fred Dicker.

Liz predicts a major fight over salary increases for state lawmakers.

Spitzer needs to hand out more patronage jobs, argues Geoffrey Gray.

Did Spitzer miss the chance to contain the subprime mortgage crisis?

Monthly bus and subway fares may rise from $76 to $81, according to a memo sent to M.T.A. board members.

State officials may “abandon plans for an expansion and settle instead for simply renovating the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center,” reports Charles Bagli.

Marty Markowitz wants to be considered a mayoral candidate, but won’t announce he’s running in that race.

Access-a-Ride drivers are on strike.

The New York Times editorial board isn’t excited about raising pay for state legislators.

Jacob Gershman writes, “Our shell-shocked governor, most likely, is thinking small. My guess is that he prefers to bunt rather than risk another whiff at the plate.”

Andrew Cuomo gets a thumbs up from the Daily News editorial board for Project Sunlight.

Joel Klein has an opinion piece in the New York Post.

And Ray Kelly is really a comedian at heart.

The Morning Read: Monday, December 10, 2007