The Morning Read: Monday, December 3, 2007

In an interview with The Financial Times, Hillary Clinton questions the theories behind free trade. [subscription]

Albany County District Attorney David Soares had to subpoena Eliot Spitzer’s office to get Darren Dopp’s diary, which one observer thinks indicates Spitzer “isn’t seriously cooperating at all.”

Fred Dicker picks up the piece of theNew Yorker article on Spitzer dealing with Spitzer’s conversations with Dopp.

Jacob Gershman writes, “according to a source close to the governor, Spitzer administration officials had assumed the license plan would help them ward off a Democratic primary challenge by Attorney General Cuomo by locking up the Hispanic community vote.”

James Odato looks at Eliot Spitzer’s new advisor, Bruce Gyory.

David Weprin fights to save O.T.B.

Ben Sarlin follows the rivalry over recycling plastic bags.

The City Council may crack down on the ability of its own members to earn unlimited amounts of money from outside jobs.

The City Council is cracking down on using taxpayer money to buy ads promoting their offices. Marty Markowitz, Scott Stringer and others stopped a similar practice, but do send out newsletters at taxpayers’ expense [clarified].

The newly-elected mayor of Mount Vernon is still facing resistance from supporters of the man he unseated.

There may be a subtle shift in Kiryas Joel’s voting practice. [first item]

And Dan Gerstein ponders Oprah’s influence in the presidential race.

The Morning Read: Monday, December 3, 2007