The Morning Read: Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Republican presidential candidates aren’t popular with Republican voters.

Bill Clinton defends Hillary.

Eliot Spitzer used state aircraft to travel to legislative meetings and some fund-raisers in western New York last week.

The poll results released yesterday on Spitzer’s popularity among voters are lower than the last numbers.

The “growing disenchantment with Mr. Spitzer among Democratic voters brings a competitive primary race closer to the realm of possibility,” says Jacob Gershman.

Professor Jeffrey Stonecash of Syracuse University thinks Spitzer “simply has to change the way he deals with the media."

Michael Bloomberg tells Chinese officials to address environmental issues.

Clyde Haberman notes that Bloomberg’s visit to China came on International Human Rights Day, a topic he won’t discuss publicly while in the country.

Andrew Cuomo wants students to learn about the student-loan process.

The congestion-reduction panel is considering suggesting a ban on hailing cabs on the street.

There may be a limit on the number of flights in and out of New York in the future because of airspace congestion.

Hillary Clinton’s deputy campaign manager is apparently soliciting information about Barack Obama‘s days as a community organizer.

The man behind the new school-grading system got an uncomfortable reception at City Hall.

The New York Times editorial board wants pay raises for judges, but thinks legislators should negotiate their own.

The Daily News editorial board, unhappy about the fare hike, refers to Bloomberg as “the symbolic straphanger."

State Chief Justice Judith Kaye says she may sue in order to get judicial pay raises.

And Fred Lebrun can’t wait for Spitzer’s next State of the State speech.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, December 11, 2007