The Morning Read: Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vulnerable Democrats in right-leaning districts worry about getting re-elected with Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket.

Rudy Giuliani’s work on behalf of a client in Africa runs counter to his campaign’s anti-terrorism rhetoric.

Clinton and Giuliani’s leads in the polls are slipping.

At a major fund-raiser in Manhattan last night, Silda Wall Spitzer said, “I think that all of us in this room recognize that this year has been filled with far more than the focus of the media coverage.”

A grand jury will hear evidence in the “reignited” probe of Eliot Spitzer’s office by the Albany County District Attorney, according to Liz and Joe Mahoney.

Spitzer can expect a tough budget fight next year.

Joe Bruno declined to discuss his work with an investment firm that also handles money for unions with interest in state legislation.

Frankie Edozien sees Christine Quinn’s vow not to adjust term limits as a flip-flop.

Grace Rauh notes that Michael Bloomberg wants a referendum on the ballot that will strip away forever the City Council’s ability to tweak term limits legislatively.

The N.Y.P.D. has to retest thousands of pieces of evidence due to “sloppy work” performed by some technicians.

New housing for members of the United Federation of Teachers is being built by non-union construction workers.

A former aide to Marty Markowitz claimed that staffers were forced to work on his 2005 re-election campaign and that he allowed inappropriate behavior in the office.

In Iowa, David Yepsen writes, “So what happens if Obama defeats Clinton here? If the 1984 parallels hold true, the results could be catastrophic for her.”

Clyde Haberman thinks Don Imus’ real problem wasn’t just that he used racist and sexist rhetoric, but that he was picking on those who couldn’t fight back.

Bill Hammond thinks the move by Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo towards closing the Indian Point nuclear plant "would compound New York City’s smog problem, aggravate its asthma epidemic, drive electric rates further into the stratosphere, invite blackouts and crater the economy.”

The New York Post editorial board doesn’t like the idea either.

And, according to Page Six, Bill Clinton swapped seats at a recent gala to sit closer to Penlope Cruz.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, December 4, 2007