The Morning Read: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bill Clinton is coming to rescue his wife’s campaign.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said Barack Obama is too far left,, pointing to that 1996 survey the Politico reported yesterday.

Michael Bloomberg, writing in the Financial Times, says that America must resist protectionism.

The prosecutor investigating Joe Bruno has been nominated to be a judge.

Andrew Cuomo helped squash a co-branding deal that misled students into thinking their college approved of a certain loan-consolidating company.

The wife of Eric Dinallo, the state’s superintendent for insurance and a close aide to Eliot Spitzer, is expected to get a major raise.

Hiram Monserrate gets Ray Kelly to ask the feds to look into an old murder case.

The former mayor of Mt. Vernon is having a fund-raiser this weekend to bury his campaign debt.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, December 12, 2007