The Round-Up: Friday

Heavy rainfall, leaky pipes, and debris caused the fatal steam pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan last July, Con Ed report says. [NY Times]

Mayor Bloomberg’s choice of successor to replace his departing deputy, Dan Doctoroff, underscores the Mayoral aide’s continued influence over city development. [NY Times]

The union representing New York office building workers renewed its threat to strike on New Year’s day after Thursday’s unsuccessful negotiations. [NY Times]

Pakistani enclaves of New York in shock. [NY Times]

Pakistani neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens react to Benazir Bhutto’s assasination. [NY Post]

Mayor: Top aide doesn’t look newish. [NY Post]

Janitor strike on New Year’s Day looms. [NY Post]

One of 900 to graduate from the Police Academy yesterday is already a hero. [NY Post]

Has Boston surpassed New York as the city where winning sports teams reside? [NYDN]

Montauk lighthouse gets $15 million fix-up to keep it safe. [NYDN]

Half a dozen Flatbush vendors pared from recently renovated market. [NYDN]

Bronx bolsters police force with 140 new rookies. [NYDN]

Plan to build 10-affordable housing units in Sagaponack gets scaled down amid contraversy from neighbors. [NYDN]

College activists are banding together to save the Greek community in Astoria from "guitar playing hipsters". [NYDN]

Wall Street Bonuses expected to boost property market in the Hamptons. [NY Sun] The Round-Up: Friday