The Round-Up: Thursday

City to double its police program to reduce crime. [NY Times]

Marketing home decor for a conflicted era. [NY Times]

State’s 49-deck truss bridges safe enough, report finds, but many in need of maintenance. [NY Times]

The renovation of a Bronx mansion. [NY Times]

Neil Sedaka’s 3,800-square-foot Park Avenue Coop. [NY Post]

Dream homes in the city: When only a mansion will do. [NY Post]

Air travelers faced a different kind of delay Wednesday, when JFK’s long-term parking lot filled up. [NY Post]

Bronx Zoo compound housing seven Siberian tigers is "escape proof", officials promise. [NY Post] 

After ten lawsuits, New York judge puts an end to legal feud between James Bond star, Sean Connery, and his neighbor in an Upper East Side townhouse. [NY Post]

The city is safe, but the NYPD plans to send 1,800 rookie cops to remaining high-crime areas next year. [NYDN]

"Con Ed sealed steampipe’s doom": Last summer’s deadly midtown steampipe explosion caused by leak sealing epoxy. [NYDN]

Central Park tops in major crime last summer, report concludes. [NYDN]

Prospect Park among the safest in the city. [NYDN] 

Report predicts the national housing slump may take its toll on New York’s real estate market next year. [NY Sun] 

Will 2007 be remembered as the year the rules of the real estate game changed? [NY Sun]    

Cornices in a city of sky scrapers. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Thursday