Take a virtual journey into off-limits Alaska

Whale hunting is something most people look upon with disdain. But the Inupiat Eskimos of northern Alaska prove that it’s possible to revere the majestic creatures and kill a few of them. Jonathan Harris, a Brooklyn-based Web artist, has created an innovative examination of this relationship with “The Whale Hunt,” an online photo essay that brings the experience of the Inupiat’s subsistence hunt to your computer with startling immediacy.

Harris took 3,214 photos (attempting to record
everything) and ultra-niftily arranged them so that you can follow the whole story or focus on different sections (the tedium of waiting, the Arctic emptiness). If you do start from the beginning, you’ll take a real journey: from the ride to the airport, to the emergence of a harpooned whale, to the vanquished creature’s abandoned jawbone — a sight that will make you shiver even in the comfort of your office.

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Take a virtual journey into off-limits Alaska