Tinz TV? Dior’s Diaphanous Socialite Considers Reality Series, Hates Tabloid Media

Tinsley Mortimer might become the next T.V. phenom. It seems the 31-year-old socialite is considering starring in her own series, a reality number with a “fashion bent.”

Even though Ms. Mortimer is toying with the notion of broadcasting her daily life, she’s not too keen on the media. In today’s WWD, Ms. Mortimer says that tabloids are filled with a bunch of lies. And though she acknowledged that she can’t really control how the public views her, she’s learned to steer clear of certain publications.

In particular, she’s bummed out by the way the press tends to focus on her persona, overshadowing the various charities she supports. Apparently, Ms. Mortimer—who recently won Style.com’s society clan of 2007 contest, with more pictures on Patrick McMullan than any other social—would prefer event-based articles read more like press releases than juicy items on Page Six. The media’s tendency to characterize her as a vapid socialite, she says, “frustrates me, because I work hard—from helping with sponsorships to raising money and awareness. I pay for my own tickets, but on occasion I get invited as a guest to sit at someone’s table.”

She also spoke about her new role at fashion house Dior, where she has been hired as the label’s “U.S. Beauty Ambassador.” It’s a good fit for her, she offered, because Dior’s look is more-or-less synonymous with her own. “I might be the girl who’s a little more dressed up, but it makes me feel more comfortable. I’ve never done effortless chic well. I do better looking very feminine with everything tucked into its place,” she told the ragtrade rag.

And being at ease is exceedingly important to Ms. Mortimer. At the New Yorkers for Children Gala last fall, she tried out a new look—slicked back hair cocked to one side of her head and “darker, more dramatic” makeup. “Overall I really liked it, but I felt fidgety and I don’t like feeling that way while I’m out,” she says of her brief stint out on the style limb.

At the end of the day, though, Ms. Mortimer, who says she attends an average of three events a week, isn’t so different from the rest of us. To unwind, she says she likes to walk her two Chihuahuas in Central park or take boxing lasses at her Upper East Side gym. (Better behave, Topper!) And believe it or not, she only gets facials or massages when traveling to Japan or on vacation.

To get an idea of Ms. Mortimer’s screen presence, click above for Rocco G’s interview with Ms. Mortimer about Oscar de la Renta. Tinz TV? Dior’s Diaphanous Socialite Considers Reality Series, Hates Tabloid Media