Weiner Swipes at Quinn, Not at Bloomberg

At a business breakfast this morning, Congressman Anthony Weiner took a veiled swipe at Christine Quinn, but passed when given a chance to criticize Michael Bloomberg.

From the podium, and in a Q&A with reporters, Weiner said politicians who are interested in running for mayor (like himself), shouldn’t be "coy" about their intentions.

Weiner was probably referring to a recent public breakfast with City Hall News at which Christine Quinn refused to say she was even considering a citywide run in 2009. A person who attended the event tells me she was asked multiple times. Quinn also refused to tell NY1 last week whether she was consider the bid.

After Weiner’s speech, I asked him what projects currently planned for the final years of the Bloomberg administration he would like to change. Weiner, who has criticized Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan, said, "I want to leave myself open to agree and disagree with the mayor’s development things at a later time." Weiner Swipes at Quinn, Not at Bloomberg