What does Codey know about Kenny that the rest of us don’t?

Something smells fishy at the State House Joint Management Commission, which apparently authorized a State Trooper to drive Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny back and forth from Trenton until his term expires next month.

The JMC seems to believe that Kenny is in need of police protection after he was seriously injured outside his Hoboken home last July. Kenny initially told police he tripped and fell on a pothole while out for an early morning jog. Later, he changed his story, suggesting that he was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. Around Hudson County, there is no shortage of rumors about who may have hit Kenny, and why.

Since Hoboken Police have been unable to solve this caper, the JMC decided not to take any chances with Kenny’s life on his way to and from Senate sessions and committee meetings – so he has been assigned a Trooper.

“The trooper is not a chauffeur, he’s a protector,” explained A.J. Sabath, the Chief of Staff to Senate President Richard Codey.

That opens the door to a serious question – one that is clearly being avoided: does Codey view the rumors about Kenny as credible enough to merit State Police protection?

What does Codey know about Kenny that the rest of us don’t?