Will Chumley’s Ever Reopen?

Eater today takes a look inside Chumley’s—er, more specifically, the seemingly eternal construction site once known as Chumley’s.

Last month, The Observer checked in with longtime proprietor Steve Shlopak, whose optimistic forecasts for reopening the crumbled Greenwich Village watering hole keep getting pushed back.

At that time, Mr. Shlopak, who compared the place’s present condition to a "bombed-out farmhouse," said the long-anticipated grand reopening likely wouldn’t happen until March 1, 2008, at the earliest.

Now Eater speculates that date is looking more like April 1—at best:

No work has yet begun on rebuilding the bar. What a site inspection yielded yesterday is that, while the chimney is now dismantled, nothing else appears to have changed since April—before yesterday, the last time the interior was photographed (by amNY).

Will Chumley’s Ever Reopen?