Zach Braff and His Bro Pitch NBC Pilot

Scrubs star Zach Braff and the guy who plays Pam’s ex-fiance on The Office, David Denman, are set to make a drama pilot at Fox. Mr. Braff is in negotiations to direct and executive produce Saint of Circumstance, in which Mr. Denman would play an office worker having a mid-life crisis (Mr. Braff seems to be an expert on the mid-something crisis dilemma) who quits his dead-end job to become a paramedic on the night shift. The pilot was written by Mr. Braff’s brother, Adam.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

There is no start date for the pilot, which is expected to film after the end of the writers strike, accommodating Braff’s acting duties on "Scrubs."

Braff has helmed half a dozen episodes of "Scrubs," whose seventh and final season has been interrupted by the strike.

On the feature side, Adam and Zack Braff recently adapted the popular children’s book "Andrew Henry’s Meadow" for 20th Century Fox.

  Zach Braff and His Bro Pitch NBC Pilot