At Sundance, What's the Next Little Miss Sunshine?

Much of the chatter coming from journalists (a decidedly talky bunch) at the Sundance Film Festival is whether or not the writer’s strike will affect sales this year.

The question is, which of the films will go on to be Little Miss Sunshine – a critical and commercial hit?

Just as the shiny-haired folks wonder if they’re at the best party of the moment, so too do the journalists stop and wonder if they’re at the movie. At the In Bruges premiere party, one journalist confidently told me that The Yellow Handkerchief, a sweet and very pretty movie staring William Hurt, Maria Bello, Kristin Stewart (who looks so much like Meg Ryan, its downright eerie), and Eddie Redmayne, who suddenly is in everything (he’s in the Julianne Moore Sundance entry Savage Grace and is in the upcoming ScarJo flick The Other Boleyn Girl) is going to be the big thing.

At the premiere at the Eccles theater (which is the theater that people out here deem the ‘good’ one), the audience went crazy for the film, and for the four stars who were all in attendance.(Side note: William Hurt was sitting behind me and there is nothing more distracting than seeing a star on the screen, and hearing him chuckle behind you).

I walked out confident that I had finally seen a BIG Sundance movie. Twenty minutes later, a seasoned attendee predicted the opposite. Is the altitude making everyone out here crazy?

At Sundance, What's the Next Little Miss Sunshine?